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The Business Optimisers are consultants with many years of experience in assessing and identifying business challenges you cannot see yourself. We analyse the status of your company/ project/ business, examine it, assess it end-to-end and advise you on the best possible steps to turn it around. We are expertise driven, honed over several decades and address problem areas which you may

have missed in project management and business operations.

Partnering with us will help your business progress with a sense of purpose.

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Development of Quality Optimised Products, Cutting Wastage and Making them ‘Ready for Market’

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Increase Team efficiency that Translates into Profits

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Optimising Capabilities of the Team, ensuring they are the best fit for the Tasks

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Stimulating or Boosting Small Biz and their Capabilities

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Business Revival through Precise, Controlled Interventions at every point of the Operational Cycle

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Increase ROI with Reduced Spends


Hi, I’m Dimple leading the Business Optimisers. My role entails simplifying and guiding your business through growth. By analysing, streamlining, managing your projects and channeling your processes and operations, I get rid of wasteful expenditure, excessive costs, unnecessary resources, while also co-creating new process interventions to ensure you focus on the areas of business that will take you forward.

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Businesses are like children. They begin from an idea, a seed that is germinated and grown to become a tree. The growth of a business across any industry takes months, years, sometimes decades. It leverages your hard work, knowledge and expertise to grow into something big and impactful. Throughout the journey, there lie obstacles in the path of growth; tasks that are bleeding money while giving no sustainable results, data which is humungous but put to no good use, repetitive tasks that have turned inefficient, and ideas that don’t seem to fructify into actionable insights.

Growing a company is a lot of hard work, time, effort and money. Yet, if you’re unhappy at how things are functioning, don’t know what problems can be solved or unable to take an unemotional view of business challenges, the impact is profound, debilitating and can slow down your business, leading to low returns.

By intervening in your business, at the right time and in the right measure, we will;

  • Help you identify Problems in any of your Business Areas, and make necessary changes in the Business Process

  • Help you Configure what is Necessary and what isn’t when it comes to Processes, Spends and Interventions

  • Create Customised Solutions for your problem after assessment of Tangible and Intangibles

  • Help in Sourcing, Streamlining, Connecting and Optimising tasks across different verticals.

  • Assist in Turnkey Project Management for your business till it reaches a ‘Go to Market’ stage

  • Perform necessary interventions in a time bound, phased manner with less Business Interruptions

  • Take ideas from ‘Concept to Reality’ and design the Various Processes

  • Help in regular Audits, Quality Control, Documentation & Reporting, Product Launches, Collaborations & more.

  • Use our specific expertise in helping Startups, Project Management & Sourcing Module Optimisation.


Fixing a business indicates intervening in its functioning. It is something that may not be obvious to you as a business owner, being in the thick of things. What you need is an outside perspective to demonstrate the gaps, learn everything about your business and identify where intervention is needed. To summarize, we are business doctors. We help you solve your problems and leverage what you and your team already know by removing bottlenecks, resolving operational conflicts, analysing blockages and ensuring your business is streamlined, running smoothly and with improved processes.

In your well-oiled organization machinery, it is natural to encounter unexpected challenges. We deal with the simplest to the most complex of them, handling all kinds of projects, overseeing quality, project launches and collaborations to get the best for your business.

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